Ibanez Artcore As103 Custom Guitar

Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AF95 Electric Guitar Tremelo Violin Sunburst 10214
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AF95 Electric Guitar Tremelo Violin Sunburst 10214
   US $749.00
 27852706070151870 Ibanez Artcore As103 Custom Guitar

 For Sale - Ibanez Artcore AS103 Custom Guitar. This guitar is really a hidden jewel in the Artcore line of guitars. I have owned and sold many of the artcore line on ebay. Yet this model is a departure from the usual Arctcore guitars. The sound on these AS103's are GREAT! I was totally blown away by the sound of this guitar. Once you play one of these you will love them. They are not the typical Artcore guitar. These go online retail for $899.

Most Artcore's don't sell for that much. So you get what you pay for. Don't confuse these with the $399 Arctcores. These AS103 guitars sound amazing. The regular $399 Artcore's look fantastic, but sound "Blah" nothing special, kind of "dead" soundwise. These have that great swinging Bluezy Jazz sound ala Wes Montgomery. Just google reviews for this guitar and you will hear from actual owners who can tell you what I am telling you. This guitar is a sleeper. This particular model is in nice condition overall. Unfortunately it was dropped at performance on the bottom edge of thee guitar and has some damage. The neck, action and playability was of the guitar is is great and was not affected. Check the below pictures and you will see it there. Other than that, the guitar is sound fundamentally and keeps in tune well and again, the guitar sounds Fantastic.

Shipping is 35 Dollars for the lower 48 United States. All others pay actual shipping charges.

Sold "as is" but plays and sounds really great. Please check my 100 percent Feedback. My customers love what I sell!

Again search Google for Reviews of this guitar to get and idea how great they are. Good luck.

 27852706070151871 Ibanez Artcore As103 Custom Guitar

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